PS 30 files and related material


1958 yearbook. View and download the PS 30 1958 eigth grade yearbook.

Immanuel Union confirmation photos: Gallery for computers

Compare photos: This gallery allows easy comparison of two different photos of the confirmation class. Select one of the first two photos and move your cursor on and off the photo to see the differences easily. [This will not work on most tablets but you can still compare photos A and B.]

See names: The gallery also includes a photo that shows each person's name if you place your cursor over the person. A list of names also is included. THESE ARE PRELIMINARY and may be wrong; they will be updated when a more complete and certain list of names is available.

Download photos: Also use this gallery if you want to download the photos to your computer. The third and fourth photos are the original high resolution photos. To download, right-click any photo and select "Save As" or "Save Image As..."

Immanuel Union confirmation photos: Gallery for tablets.

Use this gallery if you are using a phone or tablet. It adjusts the images for the size screen you are using. It is a program I am experimenting with that is intended to work well whether you are using a phone, tablet, or computer, and also to work with different screen sizes or if you resize your browser window.

This gallery also allows you to zoom in on the photo using a tablet with the multi-touch pinch-to-zoom gesture. To enable that view, click the icon at the top right of each photo.


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