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Walter vom Saal at SUCO
Original website at SUNY Oneonta. Includes handouts and class materials, my resume, etc.
Other photos

Some photos housed on my old SUCO website. Albums include:

Farmer's Market in Oneonta, October 2005
Slide show on Chuuk, March 2005
Atlanta shower for Richard and Janet, October 2004
Albany party at Marshall and Dorian's, July 2004
Albany tulip festival flowers, May 2004
New Jersey shore rental, July 2004
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Family History
A website devoted to the history of the vom Saal Family. Includes old family photos going back at least to the 1870's, and genealogical information dating back several hundred years.
Careers website
This is a site constructed a few years ago, mostly by students in the Psychology Careers class I taught.
Psychology department website
This is the Psychology Department website at the State University of New York College at Oneonta. I developed the department website while I was a faculty member in the department, working on a special assignment at the college's Teaching, Learning, and Technology Center.
Coalition for Democracy
I developed and for some time maintained the website of the Coalition for Democracy of Central New York. The coalition worked on projects such as peace action, working to bring our troops home from Iraq and against any invasion of Iran, environmental awareness, global warming, universal health care, and fair elections. The website is now inactive.

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