Kneeling Knight memorial in Worms Cathedral, Germany

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resized_Worms Cathedral probably 1928=Scan033+AL.jpg resized_Worms Cathedral probably 1928=Scan035+AL.jpg resized_Worms Cathedral probably 1928=Scan036+AL.jpg resized_Worms Cathedral probably 1928=Scan034+AL.jpg resized_Kneeling Knight in Worms Cathedral probably 1928=Scan037+AL.jpg resized_kneeling knight Stone Carving vHvS-c.jpg resized_0980 - Kneeling Knight-a.jpg resized_IMGP0979-a.jpg
resized_IMGP0981.jpg resized_IMGP0982.jpg resized_IMGP0983.jpg resized_IMGP0986-a=Epitaph des Eberhard von Heppenheim 1559.jpg resized_kneeling knight inscriptions=Scan038+AL.jpg resized_Kneeling Knight Worms bottom inscription=Scan040+AL.jpg resized_Kneeling Knight Worms bottom translation=Scan039+AL.jpg resized_Kneeling Knight Worms top translation=Scan041+AL.jpg
resized_WRvS notes on kneeling knight.jpg resized_postcard of Mainz cathedral found with kneeling knight materials.jpg