A few shots of Meta and Fred
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050904s0640aFredMvomSaalabout1907.jpg Fred M. vom Saal about 1907
050904s0637aMetaSchaeferabout1907.jpg Meta Schaefer vom Saal about 1907
050904s0647aMeta.jpg Meta S. vom Saal
050904s0631a.jpg Meta and Fred in Europe
050904s0616aMeta1953.jpg Meta 1953
050904s0618aMetaElaine1968.jpg Meta and Elaine, February 1968
050904s0621.jpg Notation on back of photo of Meta and Elaine, February 1968
050904s0622a.jpg Meta, Fred, Meg, Terry (Walter) on Sharon porch about 1968
050904s0624a.jpg Jane, Susan, Fred, Meta, Rudie at Sharon (very rough guess: between 1965 and 1970??)
050904s0650a.jpg from Gloria MacMaster, 1/13/98: envelop
050904s0635a.jpg From Gloria MacMaster 1/13/98 - page 1
050904s0633a.jpg From Gloria MacMaster 1/13/98 - page 2