Scanned shots from other sources

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COPYRIGHT INFORMATION. I have not made this website public because I am still tracking down copyright information for many of these photos. More complete information will appear in the next revision. Most of the photos below were scanned from one of the following two books:
- Reflections on Sharon: 1797-1997 A Pictorial History. Sandra Manko, Katina Manko, & Jean Bakkom, editors. Sharon Historical Society, revised edition, 1999 .
- A Touch of Nostalgia: Sharon Springs Spa. Sandra Manko & Jean Bakkom, editors. Sharon Historical Society, 2000.

880x660_SHS1997p42.jpg 880x660_SHS1997p23.jpg 880x660_SHS2000p171.jpg 880x660_SHS2000p172.jpg 880x660_SHS2000p161.jpg 880x660_SHS2000p162.jpg
880x660_SHS2000p092.jpg 880x660_SHS1997p62.jpg 880x660_SHS2000p082.jpg 880x660_SHS2000p083.jpg 880x660_SHS1997p241.jpg 880x660_SHS2000p081.jpg
880x660_SHS1997p242.jpg 880x660_SHS2000p10.jpg 880x660_SHS2000p091.jpg 880x660_SHS1997p71.jpg 880x660_SHS2000p163.jpg 880x660_SHS2000p961.jpg