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vom Saal Family History

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File name:resized_bluevelvet_cover.jpg
Annotation:Blue velvet photo album. Dimensions 11.1 x 9.3 x 2.8 inches, about 6 or 7 lbs.
File name:resized_bluevelvet_p01=cover.jpg
Annotation:Blue Velvet Album p01. Cover page
resized_bluevelvet_p02=Dr FCHvS,LinaJ,FMvS,EmilyvS.jpg
File name:resized_bluevelvet_p02=Dr FCHvS,LinaJ,FMvS,EmilyvS.jpg
Annotation:Blue Velvet Album p02. Dr. F. C. vom Saal, Lina J. vom Saal, Emily vom Saal.
File name:resized_bluevelvet_p03=unlabeled.jpg
Annotation:Blue Velvet Album p03. Photo not labeled.
File name:resized_bluevelvet_p04=EmilyvS.jpg
Annotation:Blue Velvet Album p04. Emily vom Saal.
File name:resized_bluevelvet_p05=FMvS.jpg
Annotation:Blue Velvet Album p05. Fred M. vom Saal.
File name:resized_bluevelvet_p06=FMvS.jpg
Annotation:Blue Velvet Album p06. Fred M. vom Saal.
File name:resized_bluevelvet_p07=FMvS.jpg
Annotation:Blue Velvet Album p07. Fred M. vom Saal.
File name:resized_bluevelvet_p08=FMvS.jpg
Annotation:Blue Velvet Album p08. Fred M. vom Saal.
File name:resized_bluevelvet_p09=FMvS.jpg
Annotation:Blue Velvet Album p09. Fred M. vom Saal.
resized_bluevelvet_p10=FMvS,ErnestHeppenheimer,his daughter.jpg
File name:resized_bluevelvet_p10=FMvS,ErnestHeppenheimer,his daughter.jpg
Annotation:Blue Velvet Album p10. "Fred M. vom Saal, Ernest Heppenheimer, and his daughter." Note from Steve Stumpp: "Ernest did not marry until 1914 and I have no record of him having a daughter. He was the youngest of the six brothers, born in 1868. Judging by the relative ages of the people in the photo, F M vS looks to be about 6+, Ernest appears to be about 20+ and the girl appears to be about 12+. Therefore, I am going to guess that the photo was taken about 1890/91 and is Fred M vS, Ernest Heppenheimer and his niece, Christine Heppenheimer (b. 1879, daughter of Edward)."
File name:resized_bluevelvet_p11=FMvS+Emily.jpg
Annotation:Blue Velvet Album p11. Fred M. vom Saal and Emily vom Saal.
File name:resized_bluevelvet_p12=Emily.jpg
Annotation:Blue Velvet Album p12. Emily vom Saal.
resized_bluevelvet_p13=Elsa Rudolphy Miller given1899.jpg
File name:resized_bluevelvet_p13=Elsa Rudolphy Miller given1899.jpg
Annotation:Blue Velvet Album p13. Inscription on back says "A Merry Christmas from your loving cousin Elsa Rudolphy. 1899." Handwritten note on front says Elsa Miller.
File name:resized_bluevelvet_p14=unlabeled.jpg
Annotation:Blue Velvet Album p14. Photo not labeled.
resized_bluevelvet_p15=Emily vom Saal.jpg
File name:resized_bluevelvet_p15=Emily vom Saal.jpg
Annotation:Blue Velvet Album p15. Emily vom Saal.
resized_bluevelvet_p16=FMvS+Emily vS.jpg
File name:resized_bluevelvet_p16=FMvS+Emily vS.jpg
Annotation:Blue Velvet Album p16. Fred M. vom Saal and Emily vom Saal.
resized_bluevelvet_p17=Emily vS + Rudie vS.jpg
File name:resized_bluevelvet_p17=Emily vS + Rudie vS.jpg
Annotation:Blue Velvet Album p17. Emily vom Saal and Rudie vom Saal.
File name:resized_bluevelvet_p18=unlabeled.jpg
Annotation:Blue Velvet Album p18. Photo not labeled.
resized_bluevelvet_p19=Henry Schaefer=Lina's brother.jpg
File name:resized_bluevelvet_p19=Henry Schaefer=Lina's brother.jpg
Annotation:Blue Velvet Album p19. Henry Schaefer (Lina's brother).
resized_bluevelvet_p20=first wife.jpg
File name:resized_bluevelvet_p20=first wife.jpg
Annotation:Blue Velvet Album p20. Notation under photo says "first wife."
resized_bluevelvet_p21=Emil Schaefer.jpg
File name:resized_bluevelvet_p21=Emil Schaefer.jpg
Annotation:Blue Velvet Album p21. Emil Schaefer.
File name:resized_bluevelvet_p22=unlabeled.jpg
Annotation:Blue Velvet Album p22. Photo not labeled, but assume this is Emil Schaefer.
resized_bluevelvet_p23=Emil S.jpg
File name:resized_bluevelvet_p23=Emil S.jpg
Annotation:Blue Velvet Album p23. Emil Schaefer.
File name:resized_bluevelvet_p24=Emil.S.jpg
Annotation:Blue Velvet Album p24. Emil Schaefer.
resized_bluevelvet_p25 backrow=X,ClaraFranke,Y,front=TillieHeppenheimer,OtillieFrankeRothenburg,LinaJvS.jpg
File name:resized_bluevelvet_p25 backrow=X,ClaraFranke,Y,front=TillieHeppenheimer,OtillieFrankeRothenburg,LinaJvS.jpg
Annotation:Blue Velvet Album p25. Notation beneath photo: back row center = Clara Franke, front row = Tillie Heppenheimer, Otillie Franke Rothenburg,Lina J vS. Note from Steve Stumpp: The one on the front-left is my great grandmother, Mathilda (Rudolphy) Heppenheimer. The one on the front-right is your great grandmother, Lina J (Schaefer) vom Saal. The two ladies in the middle are identified as Clara Franke in the back and Ottilie Franke "Rothenburg" in the front. Also, it is my assertion that the one rear-right bears a strong resemblance to Clara and Ottilie. I have done some research on the Frankes, finding census reports and obituaries. Ottilie Franke was born about 1862. Clara was born about 1870 and died in 1942. Their sister Lydia was born in 1874 and died in 1964. I believe that the young lady on the rear-right is their sister Lydia. Ottilie married Theodor H Rohdenburg/Rhodenberg in about 1880. They had a son named Walter. Theodor died in 1919. I cannot find an obituary for Ottilie. They also had a brother, Julius, who was born in 1868 and died in 1936; he was an architect. The three girls were born in NYC to Charles and Ottilie Franke, German immigrants. Charles was a dyer and was born about 1828 and died in 1912. His wife, Ottilie, was born in about 1833 and died in 1922. I still cannot find a clear connection between the Frankes and our family.