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File name:resized_redvelvet_album-front_cover.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album. Front cover of album.
File name:resized_redvelvet_album-rear_cover.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album. Rear cover of album.
File name:resized_redvelvet_found_under_15C.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album. Photo found underneath photo 15C. Unknown.
File name:resized_redvelvet_found_under_38C.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album. Photo found underneath photo 38C. Unknown.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p01.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p01.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p01=note.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p01. Handwritten note on page.
resized_redvelvet_p01A=Frederick William Heppenheimer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p01A=Frederick William Heppenheimer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p01A. Frederick William Heppenheimer.
resized_redvelvet_p01B=Frederick William Heppenheimer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p01B=Frederick William Heppenheimer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p01B. Frederick William Heppenheimer.
resized_redvelvet_p01C=Frederick William Heppenheimer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p01C=Frederick William Heppenheimer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p01C. Frederick William Heppenheimer.
resized_redvelvet_p01D=Johann F W Heppenheimer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p01D=Johann F W Heppenheimer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p01D. Johann F W Heppenheimer.
resized_redvelvet_p01E=Charles Heppenheimer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p01E=Charles Heppenheimer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p01E. Charles Heppenheimer.
resized_redvelvet_p01F=Christina Hofer Heppenheimer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p01F=Christina Hofer Heppenheimer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p01F. Christina Hofer Heppenheimer.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p02.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p02.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p02=note.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p02. Handwritten note on page.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p02A.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p02A.
resized_redvelvet_p02B=Otto Heppenheimer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p02B=Otto Heppenheimer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p02B. Otto Heppenheimer.
resized_redvelvet_p02C=Charles Heppenheimer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p02C=Charles Heppenheimer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p02C. Charles Heppenheimer.
resized_redvelvet_p02D=Edward Heppenheimer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p02D=Edward Heppenheimer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p02D. Edward Heppenheimer.
resized_redvelvet_p02E=Tillie Heppenheimer Otto's wife.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p02E=Tillie Heppenheimer Otto's wife.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p02E. Tillie Heppenheimer Otto's wife.
resized_redvelvet_p02F=Charles Heppenheimer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p02F=Charles Heppenheimer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p02F. Charles Heppenheimer.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p03.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p03.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p03=note.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p03. Handwritten note on page.
resized_redvelvet_p03A=Amalia Pattbereg.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p03A=Amalia Pattbereg.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p03A. Amalia Pattbereg.
resized_redvelvet_p03B=Edward Heppenheimer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p03B=Edward Heppenheimer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p03B. Edward Heppenheimer.
resized_redvelvet_p03C=Philip Pattberg.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p03C=Philip Pattberg.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p03C. Philip Pattberg.
resized_redvelvet_p03D=Edward Heppenheimer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p03D=Edward Heppenheimer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p03D. Edward Heppenheimer.
resized_redvelvet_p03E=Minnie Heppenheimer Edward's wife.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p03E=Minnie Heppenheimer Edward's wife.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p03E. Minnie Heppenheimer Edward's wife.
resized_redvelvet_p03F=Minnie Heppenheimer Edward's wife.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p03F=Minnie Heppenheimer Edward's wife.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p03F. Minnie Heppenheimer Edward's wife.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p04.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p04.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p04=note.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p04. Handwritten note on page.
resized_redvelvet_p04A=Otto Witsch.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p04A=Otto Witsch.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p04A. Otto Witsch.
resized_redvelvet_p04B=William C Heppenheimer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p04B=William C Heppenheimer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p04B. William C Heppenheimer.
resized_redvelvet_p04C=Aunt Marie von Schueller.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p04C=Aunt Marie von Schueller.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p04C. Aunt Marie von Schueller.
resized_redvelvet_p04D=Charles Armbruster.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p04D=Charles Armbruster.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p04D. Charles Armbruster.
resized_redvelvet_p04E=Christine Heppenheimer maybe 1884.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p04E=Christine Heppenheimer maybe 1884.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p04E. Christine Heppenheimer. Note from Steve Stumpp: this is obviously a late picture of her. She was on a trip to Europe with Charlie Heppenheimer the year she died. In fact, she died within a few days of returning from that trip. [Since the picture was taken in Darmstadt], it would suggest that the picture was probably taken in 1884.
resized_redvelvet_p04F=William Heppenheimer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p04F=William Heppenheimer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p04F. William Heppenheimer.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p05.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p05.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p05=note.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p05. Handwritten note on page.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p05A=FCHvS.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p05A. FCHvS.
resized_redvelvet_p05B=Ernest Heppenheimer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p05B=Ernest Heppenheimer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p05B. Ernest Heppenheimer.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p05C=FCHvS.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p05C. FCHvS.
resized_redvelvet_p05D=FCHvS maybe.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p05D=FCHvS maybe.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p05D. FCHvS maybe.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p05E=FCHvS.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p05E. FCHvS.
resized_redvelvet_p05F=FCHvS maybe.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p05F=FCHvS maybe.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p05F. FCHvS maybe.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p06.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p06.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p06=note.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p06. Handwritten note on page.
resized_redvelvet_p06A=Otto Heppenheimer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p06A=Otto Heppenheimer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p06A. Otto Heppenheimer.
resized_redvelvet_p06B=Philip Pattberg.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p06B=Philip Pattberg.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p06B. Philip Pattberg.
resized_redvelvet_p06C=Otto Heppenheimer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p06C=Otto Heppenheimer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p06C. Otto Heppenheimer.
resized_redvelvet_p06D=Ernest Hans Hofer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p06D=Ernest Hans Hofer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p06D. Notes say Ernest (Hans) Hofer, brother of Christine Heppenheimer.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p06E=FCHvS.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p06E. FCHvS.
resized_redvelvet_p06F=FCHvS maybe.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p06F=FCHvS maybe.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p06F. FCHvS maybe.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p07.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p07.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p07=note.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p07. Handwritten note on page.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p07A=FCHvS.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p07A. FCHvS.
resized_redvelvet_p07B=Emily vom Saal Gordon 1902.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p07B=Emily vom Saal Gordon 1902.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p07B. Emily vom Saal Gordon 1902.
resized_redvelvet_p07C=William C Heppenheimer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p07C=William C Heppenheimer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p07C. William C Heppenheimer.
resized_redvelvet_p07D=William C Heppenheimer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p07D=William C Heppenheimer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p07D. William C Heppenheimer.
resized_redvelvet_p07E=may not match notation on page.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p07E=may not match notation on page.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p07E. This small photo appears to have replace the original photo, so it may not match the notation on the page.
resized_redvelvet_p07F=Emilie vom Saal 1894.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p07F=Emilie vom Saal 1894.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p07F. Emilie vom Saal 1894.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p08.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p08.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p08=note.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p08. Handwritten note on page.
resized_redvelvet_p08A=Hans Hofer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p08A=Hans Hofer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p08A. Hans Hofer.
resized_redvelvet_p08B=Max Schaefer Rudolf Emile Schaefer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p08B=Max Schaefer Rudolf Emile Schaefer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p08B. Max Schaefer, his son Rudolf J. Schaefer, his son Emile Schaefer.
resized_redvelvet_p08C=Lina J Schaefer vom Saal.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p08C=Lina J Schaefer vom Saal.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p08C. Lina J Schaefer vom Saal.
resized_redvelvet_p08D=Christine Hofer Heppenheimer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p08D=Christine Hofer Heppenheimer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p08E. Christine Hofer Heppenheimer.
resized_redvelvet_p08E=Dr. FCHvS.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p08E=Dr. FCHvS.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p08E. Dr. FCHvS.
resized_redvelvet_p08F=Aunt Marie von Schueller & Ernest Heppenheimer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p08F=Aunt Marie von Schueller & Ernest Heppenheimer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p08F. Aunt Marie von Schueller & Ernest Heppenheimer.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p09.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p09.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p09=note.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p09. Handwritten note on page.
resized_redvelvet_p09A-front=FCHvS & Edward Heppenheimer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p09A-front=FCHvS & Edward Heppenheimer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p09A-front. FCHvS & Edward Heppenheimer.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p09A-rear.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p09A-rear.
resized_redvelvet_p09B=Philip Pattberg & wife.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p09B=Philip Pattberg & wife.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p09B. Philip Pattberg & wife.
resized_redvelvet_p09C=FCHvS & Marianna Hofer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p09C=FCHvS & Marianna Hofer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p09C. FCHvS & his grandmother Marianna Hofer. [Note by Walter vom Saal: this is my grandfather's father's mother, or my g-g-g-grandmother. For my grandchildren, it is their g-g-g-g-g-grandmother, possibly our furthest generation back that we have a photo of.]
resized_redvelvet_p09D=Grandmother Heppenheimer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p09D=Grandmother Heppenheimer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p09D. Grandmother Heppenheimer,m second wife of Frederick Johann the 1st, grandfather of FCHvS
resized_redvelvet_p09E=William Armbruster.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p09E=William Armbruster.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p09E. William Armbruster.
resized_redvelvet_p09F=Hans Hofer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p09F=Hans Hofer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p09F. Hans Hofer.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p10.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p10.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p10=note.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p10. Handwritten note on page.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p10A=unknown.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p10A. unknown.
resized_redvelvet_p10B=Christine Heppenheimer Neidlinger.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p10B=Christine Heppenheimer Neidlinger.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p10B. Christine Heppenheimer Neidlinger.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p10C-front=unknown.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p10C-front. unknown.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p10C-rear.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p10C-rear.
resized_redvelvet_p10D=Otto Pattberg son of Philip.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p10D=Otto Pattberg son of Philip.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p10D. Otto Pattberg, son of Philip.
resized_redvelvet_p10E=Edward Heppenheimer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p10E=Edward Heppenheimer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p10E. Edward Heppenheimer.
resized_redvelvet_p10F=Otto Pattberg son of Philip.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p10F=Otto Pattberg son of Philip.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p10F. Otto Pattberg, son of Philip.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p11.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p11.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p11=note.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p11. Handwritten note on page.
resized_redvelvet_p11A=Frieda Heppenheimer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p11A=Frieda Heppenheimer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p11A. Frieda Heppenheimer, daughter of Otto Heppenheimer.
resized_redvelvet_p11B=Frieda Heppenheimer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p11B=Frieda Heppenheimer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p11B. Frieda Heppenheimer daughter of Otto Heppenheimer.
resized_redvelvet_p11C=Elsa Webster Rudolphy.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p11C=Elsa Webster Rudolphy.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p11C. Elsa Webster Rudolphy. Bancroft (Ban) Webster's mother. Note from Steve Stumpp: Otto Heppenheimer (my great grandfather) married Mathilda E Rudolphy. Mathilda had three brothers: Gustave O, Emil, and Wm Francis. Emil never married and died at age 36. Gustave married Ada Steiger and had 2 children: Elsa (b. 1886) and Emil. Emil died as a toddler. Elsa married Huber Miller in 1907 - and then it gets a little sticky. Some records would appear to indicate that she and Huber divorced before 1915. In December of 1916, Elsa is found arriving from Trinidad-Tobago with David Webster. Recall that Ban was born in Trinidad-Tobago in Sept of 1916. There is no further mention of Ban's father in any of the records I have found. It is possible that given the fact that he was a citizen of the British Empire, he went off to the trenches in Europe and never returned. In any event, Huber Miller remarried and was divorced a second time. Then, later in life, Huber and Elsa remarried. The NY Times obit for Huber Miller (1959) identifies him as the husband of Elsa Rudolphy and the step-father of Bancroft Webster. I believe that the Rudolphies and the Heppenheimers were close friends before the marriage of my great grandparents due to the fact that both Jacob Rudolphy and Frederick Heppenheimer were from the area near Darmstadt.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p11D.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p11D. Notation says "Ernest Hofer's child?"
resized_redvelvet_p11E=Minnie Heppenheimer wife of Edward.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p11E=Minnie Heppenheimer wife of Edward.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p11E. Minnie Heppenheimer, wife of Edward.
resized_redvelvet_p11F=Joseph Armbruster.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p11F=Joseph Armbruster.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p11F. Joseph Armbruster and his son.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p12.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p12.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p12=note.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p12. Handwritten note on page.
resized_redvelvet_p12A-front=Emil & Henry Schaefer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p12A-front=Emil & Henry Schaefer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p12A-front. Emil & Henry Schaefer.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p12A-rear.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p12A-rear.
resized_redvelvet_p12B=Ernestine Schaefer wife of Max.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p12B=Ernestine Schaefer wife of Max.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p12B. Ernestine Schaefer wife of Max.
resized_redvelvet_p12C=Emil Schaefer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p12C=Emil Schaefer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p12C. Emil Schaefer.
resized_redvelvet_p12D=Julia Eurich Witsch.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p12D=Julia Eurich Witsch.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p12D. Julia Eurich Witsch, wife of Cornelius, brother of Otto.
resized_redvelvet_p12E=Henry Schaefer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p12E=Henry Schaefer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p12E. Henry G. (J.?) Schaefer.
resized_redvelvet_p12F=William Armbruster.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p12F=William Armbruster.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p12F. William Armbruster.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p13.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p13.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p13=note.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p13. Handwritten note on page.
resized_redvelvet_p13A=Max Schaefer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p13A=Max Schaefer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p13A. Max Schaefer.
resized_redvelvet_p13B=Max Schaefer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p13B=Max Schaefer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p13B. Max Schaefer.
resized_redvelvet_p13C=Ernestine Schaefer wife of Max.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p13C=Ernestine Schaefer wife of Max.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p13C. Ernestine Schaefer wife of Max.
resized_redvelvet_p13D=Emil Schaefer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p13D=Emil Schaefer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p13D. Emil Schaefer.
resized_redvelvet_p13E=Emil Schaefer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p13E=Emil Schaefer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p13E. Emil Schaefer.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p14.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p14.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p14=note.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p14. Handwritten note on page.
resized_redvelvet_p14A=Lina J vom Saal & Sophie Mathesius Rigle.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p14A=Lina J vom Saal & Sophie Mathesius Rigle.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p14A. Lina J vom Saal & her cousin Sophie Mathesius Rigle.
resized_redvelvet_p14B=Max Schaefer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p14B=Max Schaefer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p14B. Max Schaefer.
resized_redvelvet_p14C-front=Fred M vom Saal.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p14C-front=Fred M vom Saal.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p14C-front. Fred M vom Saal.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p14C-rear.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p14C-rear.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p14D-front=unknown.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p14D-front. Unknown (notation says Boulder, Colorado).
File name:resized_redvelvet_p14D-rear.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p14D-rear.
resized_redvelvet_p14E-front=Emilie vom Saal Gordon.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p14E-front=Emilie vom Saal Gordon.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p14E-front. Emilie vom Saal Gordon.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p14E-rear.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p14E-rear.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p15.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p15.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p15=note.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p15. Handwritten note on page.
resized_redvelvet_p15A=Emil Schaefer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p15A=Emil Schaefer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p15A. Emil Schaefer.
resized_redvelvet_p15B=Ernestine Schaefer wife of Max.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p15B=Ernestine Schaefer wife of Max.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p15B. Ernestine Schaefer wife of Max.
resized_redvelvet_p15C=Fred M & Emilie vom Saal.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p15C=Fred M & Emilie vom Saal.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p15C. Fred M & Emilie vom Saal.
resized_redvelvet_p15D=Lina Heppenheimer Stumpp.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p15D=Lina Heppenheimer Stumpp.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p15D. Lina Heppenheimer Stumpp.
resized_redvelvet_p15E=Frieda & Tillie Heppenheimer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p15E=Frieda & Tillie Heppenheimer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p15E. Frieda & Tillie Heppenheimer Bull, Lina Heppenheimer's sisters.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p16.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p16.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p16=note.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p16. Handwritten note on page.
resized_redvelvet_p16A=Mrs. Kurringer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p16A=Mrs. Kurringer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p16A. Mrs. Kurringer, mother-in-law of Henry J. Schaefer, Henry J. Schaefer, and his first wife Aunt Louise. [See also photo 16C.] Note from Steve Stumpp: Here are my notes with regard to Henry - Worked at the brewery. Lived in Colorado. Per 1920 passport Application, married twice: 1) Louise Kurringer, 2) Valbourg Dzwernitska Labouchere. DOB (4 Jul 1858) per 1920 Passport Application, which also notes that his father's name was "Maximilian." Death date per NYC Death Index, 1929 certificate # 14019.
resized_redvelvet_p16B=Frieda & Tillie Heppenheimer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p16B=Frieda & Tillie Heppenheimer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p16B. Frieda & Tillie Heppenheimer.
resized_redvelvet_p16C=Henry & Louise Schaefer & Ernestine Sattig Ahles + Lina J vom Saal.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p16C=Henry & Louise Schaefer & Ernestine Sattig Ahles + Lina J vom Saal.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p16C. Henry & Louise Schaefer & Ernestine Sattig Ahles + Lina J vom Saal.
resized_redvelvet_p16D=Kate Schaefer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p16D=Kate Schaefer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p16D. Kate Schaefer, wife of a brother of Max (not Frederick).
resized_redvelvet_p16E=Rose Schaefer von Schertel.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p16E=Rose Schaefer von Schertel.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p16E. Rose Schaefer von Schertel and eldest child.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p17.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p17.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p17=note.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p17. Handwritten note on page.
resized_redvelvet_p17A=Ernst+Bertha+Otto Hofer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p17A=Ernst+Bertha+Otto Hofer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p17A. Ernst, Bertha, and Otto Hofer, 3 Hofers from Offenburg.
resized_redvelvet_p17B=Frieda+Lena+Tilda Heppenheimer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p17B=Frieda+Lena+Tilda Heppenheimer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p17B. Frieda, Lena, and Tilda Heppenheimer.
resized_redvelvet_p17C=Aunt Sattig sister of Max Schaefer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p17C=Aunt Sattig sister of Max Schaefer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p17C. Aunt Sattig, sister of Max Schaefer.
resized_redvelvet_p17D=Frieda Schaefer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p17D=Frieda Schaefer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p17D. Frieda Schaefer.
resized_redvelvet_p17E=Eleanor & Frieda Schaefer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p17E=Eleanor & Frieda Schaefer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p17E. Eleanor & Frieda Schaefer.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p18.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p18.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p18=note.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p18. Handwritten note on page.
resized_redvelvet_p18A=Otto Hofer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p18A=Otto Hofer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p18A. Otto Hofer.
resized_redvelvet_p18B=Ernest Heppenheimer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p18B=Ernest Heppenheimer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p18B. Ernest Heppenheimer.
resized_redvelvet_p18C=Bertha Hofer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p18C=Bertha Hofer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p18C. Bertha Hofer.
resized_redvelvet_p18D=unknown - maybe Hofers.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p18D=unknown - maybe Hofers.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p18D. unknown - maybe Hofers.
resized_redvelvet_p18E=Hans Hofer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p18E=Hans Hofer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p18E. Hans Hofer.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p19.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p19.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p19=note.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p19. Handwritten note on page.
resized_redvelvet_p19A-front=Marie Hofer Witsch.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p19A-front=Marie Hofer Witsch.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p19A-front. Marie Hofer Witsch, nee Hofer, sister of Christine Heppenheimer. Related to Cornelius Witsch?
File name:resized_redvelvet_p19A-rear.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p19A-rear.
resized_redvelvet_p19B=Lina J vom Saal.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p19B=Lina J vom Saal.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p19B. Lina J vom Saal.
resized_redvelvet_p19D=Otto Witsch.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p19D=Otto Witsch.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p19D. Otto Witsch.
resized_redvelvet_p19E=Marie von Schueller.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p19E=Marie von Schueller.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p19E. Marie von Schueller, wife of Otto.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p20.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p20.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p20=note.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p20. Handwritten note on page.
resized_redvelvet_p20A=Mr. Lindmuller.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p20A=Mr. Lindmuller.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p20A. Mr. Lindmuller, husband of Eliza.
resized_redvelvet_p20B=Edward Heppenheimer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p20B=Edward Heppenheimer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p20B. Edward Heppenheimer.
resized_redvelvet_p20C=Eliza Heppenheimer Lindmuller.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p20C=Eliza Heppenheimer Lindmuller.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p20C. Eliza Heppenheimer Lindmuller.
resized_redvelvet_p20D=von Schertels.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p20D=von Schertels.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p20D. von Schertels. Rose Schaefer's children.
resized_redvelvet_p20E=William Heppenheimer half brother of Fk Wm.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p20E=William Heppenheimer half brother of Fk Wm.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p20E. William Heppenheimer half brother of Frederick William, parents of Helene Doherr, also her sister and brother.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p21.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p21.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p21=note.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p21. Handwritten note on page.
resized_redvelvet_p21A=Mrs. Louis Maurer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p21A=Mrs. Louis Maurer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p21A. Mrs. Louis Maurer.
resized_redvelvet_p21B=Louis Maurer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p21B=Louis Maurer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p21B. Louis Maurer, of Heppenheimer & Maurer, Lithographers (predecessor of American Lithograph).
resized_redvelvet_p21C-front=Lina J Schaefer - May 1885.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p21C-front=Lina J Schaefer - May 1885.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p21C-front. Lina J Schaefer - May 5, 1885, New York.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p21C-rear.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p21C-rear.
resized_redvelvet_p21D=Charles Heppenheimer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p21D=Charles Heppenheimer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p21D. Charles Heppenheimer.
resized_redvelvet_p21E=Ernestine Ahles.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p21E=Ernestine Ahles.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p21E. Ernestine Ahles.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p22.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p22.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p22=note.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p22. Handwritten note on page.
resized_redvelvet_p22A-front=R J Schaefer & Lina J Schaefer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p22A-front=R J Schaefer & Lina J Schaefer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p22A-front. R J Schaefer & his sister Lina J Schaefer.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p22A-rear.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p22A-rear.
resized_redvelvet_p22C=R J Schaefer & Lina J Schaefer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p22C=R J Schaefer & Lina J Schaefer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p22C. R J Schaefer & his sister Lina J Schaefer.
resized_redvelvet_p22D=Lina J vom Saal & FCHvS.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p22D=Lina J vom Saal & FCHvS.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p22D. Lina J vom Saal & her husband FCHvS.
resized_redvelvet_p22E=Lina J vom Saal & FCHvS.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p22E=Lina J vom Saal & FCHvS.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p22E. Lina J vom Saal & her husband FCHvS.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p23.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p23.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p23=note.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p23. Handwritten note on page.
resized_redvelvet_p23A=Emilie & FMvS.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p23A=Emilie & FMvS.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p23A. Emilie & FMvS.
resized_redvelvet_p23B=Lina J vom Saal.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p23B=Lina J vom Saal.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p23B. Lina J vom Saal.
resized_redvelvet_p23C-front=Lina J Schaefer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p23C-front=Lina J Schaefer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p23C-front. Lina J Schaefer.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p23C-rear.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p23C-rear.
resized_redvelvet_p23D-front=wife of Max Schaefer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p23D-front=wife of Max Schaefer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p23D-front. wife of Max Schaefer.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p23D-rear.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p23D-rear.
resized_redvelvet_p23E=Max Schaefer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p23E=Max Schaefer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p23E. Max Schaefer.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p24.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p24.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p24=note.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p24. Handwritten note on page.
resized_redvelvet_p24A=Rudolf E vom Saal.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p24A=Rudolf E vom Saal.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p24A. Rudolf E vom Saal.
resized_redvelvet_p24B=William C Heppenheimer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p24B=William C Heppenheimer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p24B. William C Heppenheimer.
resized_redvelvet_p24C=Auguste or Augusta Heppenheimer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p24C=Auguste or Augusta Heppenheimer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p24C. Auguste or Augusta Heppenheimer, daughter of Hans Heppenheimer of Eberstadt.
resized_redvelvet_p24D=Mr. Chatillon.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p24D=Mr. Chatillon.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p24D. Mr. Chatillon.
resized_redvelvet_p24E=Mrs. Chatillon.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p24E=Mrs. Chatillon.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p24E. Mrs. Chatillon, eldest daughter of Frederick Schaefer, brother of Max.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p25.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p25.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p25=note.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p25. Handwritten note on page.
resized_redvelvet_p25A=Mrs. General Ruytie.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p25A=Mrs. General Ruytie.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p25A. Mrs. General Ruytie.
resized_redvelvet_p25B=school play.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p25B=school play.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p25B. school play. The note on this photo says "School Play, Hoboken Academy? - Charlie H. and two unknown." Two clues suggest this is wrong. First, the photo is placed between two photos from Germany. Second, the photo was printed in Stuttgart, Germany. Perhaps it was a school play in Germany.
resized_redvelvet_p25C=General Ruytie.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p25C=General Ruytie.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p25C. General Ruytie.
resized_redvelvet_p25D=Sophie Mathesius maybe.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p25D=Sophie Mathesius maybe.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p25D. Sophie Mathesius (unclear).
resized_redvelvet_p25E=Mrs. Mathesius.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p25E=Mrs. Mathesius.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p25E. Mrs. Mathesius.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p26.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p26.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p26=note.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p26. Handwritten note on page.
resized_redvelvet_p26A=Mrs. Wicke.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p26A=Mrs. Wicke.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p26A. Mrs. Wicke.
resized_redvelvet_p26B=Emilie Pietz.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p26B=Emilie Pietz.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p26B. Emilie Pietz. "2d cousin Schaefer side".
resized_redvelvet_p26C=Mr. George Wicke.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p26C=Mr. George Wicke.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p26C. Mr. George Wicke, cigar box manufacturer.
resized_redvelvet_p26D=Otto Heppenheim.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p26D=Otto Heppenheim.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p26D. Otto Heppenheim.
resized_redvelvet_p26E=Mrs. Otto Heppenheim.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p26E=Mrs. Otto Heppenheim.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p26E. Mrs. Otto Heppenheim.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p27.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p27.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p27=note.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p27. Handwritten note on page.
resized_redvelvet_p27A=Karl Heppenheim.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p27A=Karl Heppenheim.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p27A. Karl Heppenheim, unmarried cousin of Frederick William.
resized_redvelvet_p27B=Gen'l William C Heppenheim.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p27B=Gen'l William C Heppenheim.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p27B. Gen'l William C Heppenheim.
resized_redvelvet_p27C-front=Augusta Heppenheim.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p27C-front=Augusta Heppenheim.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p27C-front. Augusta Heppenheim.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p27C-rear.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p27C-rear.
resized_redvelvet_p27D=Edward C Schaefer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p27D=Edward C Schaefer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p27D. Edward C. Schaefer, child of Frederick.
resized_redvelvet_p27E=Rosie Schaefer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p27E=Rosie Schaefer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p27E. Rosie Schaefer.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p28.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p28.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p28=note.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p28. Handwritten note on page.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p28A=unknown.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p28A. unknown.
resized_redvelvet_p28B-front=W Rudolf vom Saal.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p28B-front=W Rudolf vom Saal.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p28B-front. W. Rudolf vom Saal, six months old, Sharon Springs, NY August 23, 1911. Post card.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p28B-rear.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p28B-rear.
resized_redvelvet_p28C-front=Lina J vom Saal + Fred Emilie Rudolf.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p28C-front=Lina J vom Saal + Fred Emilie Rudolf.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p28C-front. Lina J. vom Saal and her children Fred, Emilie, and Rudolf.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p28C-rear.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p28C-rear.
resized_redvelvet_p28E=Fred M vom Saal 1902.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p28E=Fred M vom Saal 1902.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p28E. Fred M. vom Saal, 1902.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p29.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p29.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p29=note.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p29. Handwritten note on page.
resized_redvelvet_p29B-front=W Rudolf vom Saal.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p29B-front=W Rudolf vom Saal.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p29B-front. W. Rudolf vom Saal, six months old, Sharon Springs, NY August 23, 1911. Post card.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p29B-rear.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p29B-rear.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p29D=unknown.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p29D. unknown. Notation says "Frey? Albert Schaefer?"
resized_redvelvet_p29E=George G Schaefer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p29E=George G Schaefer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p29E. George G. Schaefer.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p30.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p30.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p30=note.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p30. Handwritten note on page.
resized_redvelvet_p30A=Henry G Schaefer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p30A=Henry G Schaefer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p30A. Henry G. Schaefer.
resized_redvelvet_p30B=Emilie vom Saal Gordon.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p30B=Emilie vom Saal Gordon.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p30B. Emilie vom Saal Gordon.
resized_redvelvet_p30C=Rudolf J Schaefer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p30C=Rudolf J Schaefer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p30C. Rudolf J. Schaefer.
resized_redvelvet_p30D=Minnie=Mrs William Armbruster.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p30D=William Armbruster.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p30D. William Armbruster.
resized_redvelvet_p30E=Minnie=Mrs William Armbruster.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p30E=Minnie=Mrs William Armbruster.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p30E. Minnie. Mrs. William Armbruster.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p31.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p31.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p31=note.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p31. Handwritten note on page.
resized_redvelvet_p31A=Bertha Hofer Proudfoot.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p31A=Bertha Hofer Proudfoot.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p31A. Bertha Hofer Proudfoot, sister of Marie Ruef (sp?) Hofer.
resized_redvelvet_p31B=William Armbruster.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p31B=William Armbruster.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p31B. William Armbruster.
resized_redvelvet_p31C=Searbach maybe.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p31C=Searbach maybe.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p31C. Searbach (sp?), fiance of Bertha H. P.
resized_redvelvet_p31D=Mr. Harms.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p31D=Mr. Harms.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p31D. Mr. Harms - was bookkeeper for many years at Heppenheimer & Co.
resized_redvelvet_p31E=Mrs. Harms.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p31E=Mrs. Harms.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p31E. Mrs. Harms.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p32.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p32.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p32=note.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p32. Handwritten note on page.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p32A=friend.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p32A. Friend of Lina J. vom Saal.
resized_redvelvet_p32B-front=Kate Schaefer & Marie Sattig.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p32B-front=Kate Schaefer & Marie Sattig.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p32B-front. Kate Schaefer & Marie Sattig.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p32B-rear.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p32B-rear.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p32C-front=HermannHartwick.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p32C-front. Hermann Hartwick, painter of "The Nun" (large painting that hung over the fireplace in the library of the house at "The Park," Sharon Springs).
File name:resized_redvelvet_p32C-rear.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p32C-rear.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p33.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p33.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p33=note.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p33. Handwritten note on page.
resized_redvelvet_p33A=Franz Hofer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p33A=Franz Hofer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p33A. Franz Hofer, father of Marie, etc..
resized_redvelvet_p33B=Holland group incl Emilie vom Saal.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p33B=Holland group incl Emilie vom Saal.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p33B. Holland group: Uncle Henry G. Schaefer, Lina J. vom Saal, Mrs. Kurringer, Aunt Wally Labouchere Schaefer, Emilie vom Saal.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p33C=unknown.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p33C. unknown.
resized_redvelvet_p33D=Emily vom Saal Gordon, road to Wartberg.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p33D=Emily vom Saal Gordon, road to Wartberg.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p33D. Emily vom Saal Gordon, road to Wartberg.
resized_redvelvet_p33E=Emma Steinmetz Ahles.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p33E=Emma Steinmetz Ahles.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p33E. Emma Steinmetz Ahles.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p34.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p34.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p34=note.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p34. Handwritten note on page.
resized_redvelvet_p34A=maybe Hofer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p34A=maybe Hofer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p34A. maybe Hofer.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p34C=unknown.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p34C. unknown.
resized_redvelvet_p34D-front=Christine Heppenheimer Neidlinger.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p34D-front=Christine Heppenheimer Neidlinger.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p34D-front. Christine Heppenheimer Neidlinger.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p34D-rear.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p34D-rear.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p35.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p35.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p35=note.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p35. Handwritten note on page.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p35A=Hofer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p35A. Hofer.
resized_redvelvet_p35B-front=daughter of Ruytie.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p35B-front=daughter of Ruytie.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p35B-front. Daughter of Ruytie.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p35B-rear.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p35B-rear.
resized_redvelvet_p35C=Marie Rulf Hofer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p35C=Marie Rulf Hofer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p35C. Marie Rulf Hofer.
resized_redvelvet_p35D=General Ruytie.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p35D=General Ruytie.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p35D. General Ruytie.
resized_redvelvet_p35E=Mrs. Ruytie.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p35E=Mrs. Ruytie.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p35E. Mrs. Ruytie.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p36.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p36.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p36=note.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p36. Handwritten note on page.
resized_redvelvet_p36A=Bertha Hofer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p36A=Bertha Hofer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p36A. Bertha Hofer.
resized_redvelvet_p36B=Heppenheimer monument Hoboken Cemetery 720dpi.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p36B=Heppenheimer monument Hoboken Cemetery 720dpi.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p36B. Heppenheimer monument, Hoboken Cemetery, Jersey City NY (scanned at 720dpi).
File name:resized_redvelvet_p36C=Hofer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p36C. Hofer.
resized_redvelvet_p36D-front=Anna Schaefer daughter of George G.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p36D-front=Anna Schaefer daughter of George G.jpg
Annotation:p36D-front. Anna Schaefer, daughter of George G. and Anna Schaefer.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p36D-rear.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p36D-rear.
resized_redvelvet_p36E-front=Elsa Schaefer daughter of George G.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p36E-front=Elsa Schaefer daughter of George G.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p36E-front. Elsa Schaefer daughter of George G. and Anna Schaefer.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p36E-rear.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p36E-rear.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p37.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p37.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p37=note.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p37. Handwritten note on page.
resized_redvelvet_p37A=Mrs. Jacob Rudolphy, Tillie  Rudolphy, William C Heppenheimer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p37A=Mrs. Jacob Rudolphy, Tillie Rudolphy, William C Heppenheimer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p37A. Mrs. Jacob Rudolphy, Tillie Rudolphy (Mrs. Otto), William C. Heppenheimer.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p37B-front=unknown.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p37B-front. unknown.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p37B-rear.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p37B-rear.
resized_redvelvet_p37C=Heppenheimer & Maurer outing.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p37C=Heppenheimer & Maurer outing.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p37C. Outing of Heppenheimer & Maurer families. Mrs. Petrie (sp?), Aunt Malie, Aunt Marie center back, Mrs. Armbruster, Minnie Heppenheimer, Mrs. Maurer, Helene Doherr & daughter Elsie.
resized_redvelvet_p37D-front=Walter Rohdenburg.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p37D-front=Walter Rohdenburg.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p37D-front. Walter Rohdenburg. Aunt Ottie's son. He and FMvS owned Beachwood Bungalow Builders in NJ.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p37D-rear.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p37D-rear.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p37E=friends.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p37E. Friends of Lina J. vom Saal.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p38.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p38.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p38=note.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p38.
resized_redvelvet_p38A=Helene Heppenheimer Doherr.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p38A=Helene Heppenheimer Doherr.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p38A. Helene Heppenheimer Doherr.
resized_redvelvet_p38B=Christine Heppenheimer Neidlinger.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p38B=Christine Heppenheimer Neidlinger.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p38B. Christine Heppenheimer Neidlinger.
resized_redvelvet_p38C=Pattberg, FCHvS, John Geyer, Otto Heppenheimer.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p38C=Pattberg, FCHvS, John Geyer, Otto Heppenheimer.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p38C. Mr. Pattberg, FCHvS, John Geyer, Otto Heppenheimer.
resized_redvelvet_p38D-front=Minnie Metzger Smith and son.jpg
File name:resized_redvelvet_p38D-front=Minnie Metzger Smith and son.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p38D-front. Minnie Metzger Smith and son.
File name:resized_redvelvet_p38D-rear.jpg
Annotation:Red Velvet Album p38D-rear.