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Walter vom Saal

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As I mentioned in my notes on ThumbsPlus, one thing I liked about ThumbsPlus was that the web album templates were available so you could edit them and make your own web album template. Here's an example of how I found that very useful.

I wanted to put links to full-resolution photos on every page of a web album, so that each photo could be viewed in full resolution and downloaded if desired.

I was able to do this by modifying a web page template. I inserted some code into the template that would lead ThumbsPlus to put two links to each reference photo on the page that showed that photo. The first link was left intact and was used to show the screen-sized photo on the page. Then I used the Find and Replace command in Dreamweaver on all the pages in the album at once, to find the code surrounding the second link on each page, and modify it so it became a link to a different folder containing the appropriate full resolution photo. In this way it was possible to automate the creation of album pages, such that each page showed the screen-size photo and also contained a link to the full-resolution photo.

The exact procedure is too complex to describe here unless someone is actually interested in using it. If you are interested, send me an email. Include the word "ThumbsPlus" in the subject line so I don't skip over your email.

Here's an example of one of my albums with links to full resolution photos:





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[updated 3/3/2011]