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Here are a few forums where I might post questions about ThumbsPlus and Lightroom:

ThumbsPlus friends page on Facebook.

Information on moving from TP to LR on line:
a question but no solution, only a caution.
includes a person who might know how to migrate – I could write to him/her
link to SQLite Spy which is free and he likes
lots of info on the Lightroom database
people shifting to LR in 2008
Post by Richard_Gedge describes a way to move galleries one at a time.

1. Create a collection structure to mimic the gallery structure in TP.
2. Run TP & LR side by side.
3. Go through each gallery in TP and select all the images in the gallery.
4. Drag and drop the images into LR collection.
5. LR responds with they are already in the library.  
6. Use the "Already in Library" tag to add the files to the collection.
Not great but doable and will only have to done once.

I couldn't get this procedure to work. Lightroom did not respond as described in #5, but just opened the import dialog even if photos already were in Lightroom.  I am using Lightroom 3.0 on Windows. Maybe he refers to an earlier version of Lightroom?







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