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people and stories family crests and coats of arms artifacts and family heirlooms kneeling knight photograph albums genealogy charts and family trees documents other sites and resources
People and Family Stories

This is a new page I am adding in February, 2009.                    ALSO SEE: Miscellaneous information from Steve Stumpp

The most interesting thing about families is the stories of their lives. This is a place to put information about people in the vom Saal family, including:

- factual information

- links to documents relating to specific people

- family stories

Here are some possible entries:

Rudie vom Saal

- overview of his life
- 90 memories (document put together by his family)
- selling refrigerators during the depression
- driving his old car. Backing up the hill at Sharon Springs so the gas would flow to the carburator
- tennis stories
- his obituary

Matesey vom Saal - daughter of Fred M vom Saal and Meta vom Saal, younger sister of my father W. Rudolf vom Saal, died in 1939 at age 24, in a tragic car accident when her car skidded off the road in the rain while she was driving to Sharon Springs to plan her wedding two weeks before the wedding was to occur. According to family stories, she and her fiance had already been secretly married. Her bridesmaid, who was in the car with her, was in the hospital (and I think in a coma) for several weeks or months. [Newspaper clippings][as jpg file]

Opa swimming across the pool with only his toes showing, being called to dive to find the drowning boy, etc.

Mother plunging past the window. Was she pushed? Old family stories partly confirmed by discovered NYTimes article.

Apocryphal cryptic notes from Dad about a relative, 10 to the 6th money lost, wife ran off, sued for custody of kids, kids kidnapped by wife and lover and taken to Canada. Later confirmation by NYTimes articles at the turn of the century found by Steve Stumpp.

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