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Information on 2008 Document files

This is a set of documents obtained by Robert and Lorraine vom Saal while they were traveling in Germany in May and June of 2008. They are copies of various documents, obtained with the generous help of Rolf Becker, the town historian for Gau-Heppenheim. The documents are all in German. They are contained in two pdf files.

Note: page numbers showsn below are the pages as I counted them in the actual book. I must look at the pdf files and note the pages of the pdf files as well.

- Walter vom Saal, 3/4/2010

p. 0
Heppenheim coat of arms




Title page. Die Inschriften. (The Inscription) [??]

Writing: "Dear Bob... Best wishes, Rolf Konrad Becker and Christiane Simonsen"

pp. 2-3
Family trees. Page 3 shows four generations back from Johann Andreas Georg Anton Phil. Wilhelm v. Heppenheim gen. v. Saal. Gives marriage dates only (5 Mai 1608 for his parents, so he was probably born around that date). Father of above named Johann Andreas was Philipp v. Heppenheim gen. v. Saal (probably born around 1550); grandfather was Conrad (probably born around 1511); great grandfather was Andreas. Interestingly, Gottfried's father's father and also his mother's mother were vom Saals.
pp. 4-5

Family tree.

vom Saal family tree from 1019 (Andres von Heppenheim) through Johann (d. 1672) and Georg Anton (d 1688). Page 5 is a second copy of page 4 with handwritten notes.

p. 6
Map. Map showing towns south of Mainz, including Alzey, Gau-Heppenheim, Worms.
p. 7
Der Grabstein der Äbtissin Alheidis von Heppenheim Photo from Hessiches Landesmuseum Darmstadt
pp. 8-9
Text description of something in Armsheim Evangelische Kirche with dates 1433, 1451 Records of the death in 1433 of the Procurator of the church, Ritter Sybold von Löwenstein, and the death on November 14, 1451 of his wife, Margarete von Heppenheim. On page 9 are photos of the gravestones (?) with carvings of male and female figures, each showing the LöwensteinWappen and the three-diamond Heppenheim Wappen.
p. 10
Katharienenkirche records. Deaths of Rudigeris von Heppenheim (1438) and his wife Katherina von Heppen(heim).
p. 11
Nikolai Kirche, Alzey. Printed photo and description of gravestone of Margareta von Heppenheim (1485) in Nikolai-Kirche, Alzey.
p. 12
Nikolai Kirche, Alzey. Typed description of the same?
p. 13
Katholische Kirche, Gau-Heppenheim Date 1485, reference to the couple Andreas v. Heppenheim and Viola v. Reiffenberg. Also an uncle who left the church 100 Gulden in his testament.
p. 14
Photos of three wappen, including v. Heppenheim. Three-diamond Heppenheim Wappen.
p. 15
Katholische Kirche St. Urban, Gau-Heppenheim. Photo of the Catholic Church St. Urban in Gau-Heppenheim, with caption saying it contains "das Wappen der Familie v. Heppenheim"
p. 16
? Wappen with date 1584 for v. Heppenheim, genannt v. Saal
p. 17
Typed description.

Description of four Wappen in the corner, including Heppenheim, gen. vom Saal. Document has date of 1513. I think this refers to a wife who died in 1513.

p. 18-20
Ober-Ingelheim Burgkirche Gravestone (?) of Guda v. Löwenstein in 1513, including Wappen of v. Heppenheim, gen. v. Saal. Pages 19 and 20 have photos.
p. 21-22
Katholische Kirche Imsweiler,

Married couple Johann Brenner von Lewenstein and Appolonia von Heppenheim, genannt vom Saal. Dates 1521 and 1519.

[The Löwenstein / Lewenstein men seem to keep marrying the von Heppenheim vom Saal women!]

notes to be added
p. 49-50
check this out: p. 49 has a photo and description of the stone slab memorial in the Mainz cathedral, showing the three diamonds shield with horns and bishop's headdress above, that we have numerous postcards of. Page 50 shows a diagram of the cathedral with the location of the slab (#36, immediately to the right of the Marktportal entrance near right front of the church). This is a memorial to Propst (or Probst or Domprobst in different places) Johann von Heppenheim gen. Saal. On p. 59 (see notes below) he is also referred to as a Domherr. He was clearly a high church official. Probst = Provost. Domherr = canon.
notes to be added
pp. 59-73
Copy of a document titled "Johann von Heppenheim, genannt von Saal: Ein Mainzer Domherr des 17. Jahrhunderts" by Heinrich Schrohe, Mainz. Printed, showing pages 3-17 on one side and 143-157 on the other side of each page, so it appears to have been a printed document that was reprinted as part of a book. This may possibly be something we might like to get translated. In particular, it may have hints about the origin of the name "vom Saal" and how it came to be added to the von Heppenheim name. See for example the second footnote on p.71 of the pdf file (the page of this document that is numbered 15 on the left and 155 on the right). It seems to refer to several von Heppenheims who lived in the "Saale zu Alzey" and who added "vom Saal" to the von Heppenheim name.
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